To Look and Not See – my very own Film Futures…

Usually on here I’m reviewing the latest film or sharing new trailers for future releases. But for a change I would like to post something else…along with a side of shameless self-promotion.

From May of this year through to September, I was part of a filmmaking course run by First Take in Liverpool, called Film Futures. The course was for all-female filmmakers wanting to further their production skills – directing, producing, camera work, editing and so on. We made four short films in total. The first was a practice film – a horror short called Highly Strung. The other three were all made from scripts written by women on a scriptwriting course that ran alongside our course (set up through SHAP Liverpool and First Take). We were only supposed to choose one script to make a film from, but the quality of the writing was that high that we had difficulty deciding! In the end we decided to make three of the scripts into films.

The first was called Unveiled, a psychological horror/drama about a young woman called Angela who has a deep, dark secret. I carried out some of the sound recording for Unveiled and was even an extra for one scene! The other was Tax This, a political drama about one woman’s fight against the bedroom tax, for which I was camera operator and sound recordist again.

And finally was To Look and Not See, about two friends called Cassidy and April whose friendship is threatened by another girl and by a secret Cassidy holds. This was the film that I co-directed, as well as produced, shot and edited. I was very happy to be chosen to direct it too because I thought the story was so clever and well-written, as well as very touching…with a great bit of comedy on the side! Here is the link to the finished film – have a look and let me know what you think!:

All of the other films are available to watch on the Film Futures website (click the link below), along with a Behind the Scenes video about the production of the films and with a few interviews with us to hear our thoughts on the course. Again, please take a look!:

Film Futures – First Take

I feel incredibly lucky to have been part of this course and to have been given an opportunity to direct such a brilliant story. I enjoyed the course and the entire filmmaking process immensely and the support from everyone at First Take was wonderful. Hopefully this course will mark my next step into the world of filmmaking. Watch this space!


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