The Inbetweeners Movie

The Inbetweeners Movie was always going to be popular considering the huge success of the TV show (which incidentally I love, although I find it a bit repetitive sometimes – things seem to be going well then, oh no, take a turn for the worst and then become horribly, ridiculously wrong. But I still love it, maybe even coz of this). Is Will, Simon, Jay and Neil’s film outing actually any good though?…

The transition from the small to the big screen isn’t very jarring or distracting and it works well. The story is simple enough too and plays out like an extended episode of the series: the four guys finish school and decide to go on a massive lad’s holiday to Malia. Cue trouble.

As usual all four of the main actors playing the lads are brilliant, especially the too smart for his own good Will (Simon Bird) and the crude compulsive liar Jay (James Buckley). Like in the TV show the jokes work mostly due to their comic timing (a real highlight here being a scene in a crappy club – I’m still laughing thinking about it) and also because of their great chemistry together.

And although the annoying voiceover that was used in the TV show is still used to explain every single bit of the narrative, the song changes (which happen literally every bloody 5 seconds in the show) don’t happen as often. Small mercies. But the main thing is that it is very, VERY funny. Crying with laughter funny.

Ok, so sometimes the jokes are a little bit offensive: the token disabled and smarmy foreigner jokes, and if you look very close it’s probably more than a little bit sexist. But most of the jokes are often there to show how stupid the four guys are and are played at their expense…mostly.

But you’ll know if the film’s going to appeal to you if you’ve seen the series: if the rude, crude humour makes you laugh on TV, it’ll make you laugh here.


~ by square-eyed-geek on September 6, 2011.

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