The Hangover: Part II – Same shit, different country

I think I’ve voiced my opinion on sequels before, but here’s a reminder…a good sequel shouldn’t have the same plot or jokes and should be different, but still appeal to fans of the first film/films. Enter The Hangover: Part II. Or should I say The Hangover with extra dick jokes.

(I tried to think of a funny caption to put on one of the photos from the film…but I think this one below pretty accurately – and ironically – sums up my overall feeling about it):

It has exactly the same plot. It has exactly the same jokes. It even uses the same frigging song cues in parts – same artists, slightly different songs. In fact it essentially uses the same bloody SHOTS in certain parts. How lazy is that??? You can guess pretty much everything that’s going to happen. I bet you could even watch both films side by side and the same scenes would happen at the same frigging time.

Ok, so there is the occasional laugh – mostly from Zach Galifianakis. And maybe at a stretch Ken Jeong as Mr Chow. But you know that if Galifianakis wasn’t in this it would be so incredibly bad it wouldn’t even have been made.

Oh and another thing…where are the promised cameos??? Bill Clinton? And even more unforgivable – the legendary Liam Neeson as a tattoo artist? (he was replaced coz he couldn’t come back for reshoots – but like I said UNFORGIVABLE).

And now they’re doing a third one. Again WHY? I bet that for the third one Alan (Galifianakis) gets married…but I hope for the love of God they at least attempt a different plot/story/jokes next time.

But anyway…The Hangover Part II: recycled/repeated jokes don’t work Todd Phillips – we aren’t kids. You may as well watch The Hangover again and imagine it in Bangkok. With extra ladyboys. If you must.


~ by square-eyed-geek on June 2, 2011.

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