Hanna (Not Montana)

I haven’t actually seen any films by Joe Wright before (I’m determined that I won’t see Atonement before I’ve read the book coz I’m very pretentious like that). I’m not sure how I’ve avoided all his previous films though…coz from what’s happening in Hanna, I’ve been missing a hell of a lot of brilliance.

If you don’t yet know, Hanna is about a child assassin (Saoirse Ronan) trained by her father (Eric Bana) and who is sent on her first mission, while she has to avoid being tracked down by a ruthless agent (Cate Blanchett) who either wants to arrest her, or kill her. Which sounds like any other average boring Hollywood action film…but it’s not.

The first thing that hooks you in is Saoirse Ronan’s amazing performance as Hanna. She’s feisty and clever and shows a real sense of innocence and naivety at times (and again I’ve not seen her in anything before – and again I don’t know how). Also Eric Bana is a great standout as her father…but when is Bana not incredible? Cate Blanchett is also good as the agent on Hanna’s trail (and it almost made me forget the ridiculous accent she had in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull…almost).

Another brill actor to note is Tom Hollander as a camp German hitman sent out to track down Hanna – you won’t quite believe it’s the same guy who played a nervous minister in In The Loop and the lovely rev (from Rev obvs). He’s funny and incredibly creepy at the same time.

Also, keeping the trend of bands doing soundtracks to films, The Chemical Brothers provide the soundtrack here – and its bloody aces (although I don’t think anyone was doubting that it wouldn’t be), it really adds something to the fight scenes and makes it feel all the more frantic.

One thing that you really notice in Hanna though is the weird mash-up of genres used – its got action, drama, it’s funny in parts, it’s shocking, it’s scary…and the fight scenes are amazing (look out for one great fight done in ONE WHOLE TAKE that shows Bana being followed as he walks along a street, down into a subway and THEN into a mega 360 degree fist fight…and according to Joe Wright it wasn’t even planned in the script as that – he was running out of time and it just worked…AMAZING).

And the weird genre mix makes  Hanna feel like nothing you’ve ever seen before – it’s really interesting to watch and just feels…new. And whats that again? Another brill non-stereotypical female heroine? Bravo Saoirse and Wright.


~ by square-eyed-geek on June 1, 2011.

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