Friday The 13th – old school…

I went to a screening last week of the old Friday The 13th film (shown on Friday the 13th – lol, relevant). I’ve not seen any of the Friday The 13th films before, old or new (in fact I have to admit I’ve not seen that many old school horrors – I used to have a big thing about watching anything even remotely scary or jumpy or gory) so I was interested to finally watch one and see what the fuss was all about.

Anyway…Friday the 13th has definitely dated a lot since it first came out in 1980, and I don’t just mean Kevin Bacon (only joking Kev love ya really). But what’s weird is how interesting and gripping it still is to watch. And what’s even more interesting still is how it’s hard to guess what’s going to happen next. I don’t mean that the teens are going to be horrifically and brutally killed (that’s obvs going to happen or why are you watching it?) I mean in the order they’re killed. There is no outright person who you can think will survive because he/she is the nicest and brightest – they all seem equally vapid. And the girl who does survive (coz we all know it’s never a guy) is a PATHETIC excuse for a heroine – you wonder why some of the others didn’t survive when all she’s doing is running around and crying. A LOT. And she’s really ANNOYING (lots of people in the screening actually laughed when she was being slapped around by the killer – although I think that says more about them than the film itself…)

The gore is a bit dated in parts too (I knew how one guy was killed in an iconic scene, and then I was a bit disappointed coz it looked so rubbish). Although saying this there’s a death scene featuring an axe in a head which is still impressive and actually looks quite real. And part of the fun in Friday The 13th (like a Saw film or any other horror) is in seeing how each one of them will die…

And is it scary? Not particularly by todays standards. But back then you can see how it was a classic scare film. One thing that’s still definitely creepy today is the score and the iconic breathy, synth sound used when we see things through the killer’s eyes – really horrible and eerie.

So yeah…very dated in parts and sometimes funny because of it – although I’m not sure if some of the laughs were intentional at the time it was made or not.  And just a tiny bit scary too…


~ by square-eyed-geek on May 19, 2011.

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