Attack The Block – Ratings bruv…

If you didn’t already know Attack the Block is about an alien invasion on a council estate dahnnn saaaauth (translation = down south) and a group of hoodie kids who try to stop them.  Simple, but amazing.

Attack the Block has weirdly been marketed as a comedy. And while it is funny (and when it’s funny, it’s really bloody funny) it’s also incredibly scary at times. There’s more than one jump-in-your-seat moment – and its at these points the people who’ve come to see a nice little British comedy suddenly realise that’s not the case. Especially during a couple of gory moments (and bravo Cornish on being brave enough to make it gory and not worry about the possibility of an 18 certificate).

The hoodies are also all brilliant and very convincing. I was sure I’d seen a few of them in something before coz they were just that good. But surprisingly, most of them are first time actors. They also really make you care about them surviving the invasion. Of course some of the older actors are great as well – the standout being Luke Treadaway as a posho stoner. Jodie Whittaker is also brill as a trainee nurse who lives in the block (and she makes for an excellent heroine).

The dialogue is one other thing that really stands out coz it’s sooo realistic – this is coz writer/director Joe Cornish has researched this side of things thoroughly and it definitely shows. Oh and it’s incredibly hilarious at times (obvs). Unfortunately though you’ll probably be coming out chatting like them. (Well I was anyway, ya get me blood?).

One other thing worth mentioning is the aliens/monsters themselves. I won’t say too much coz it’ll spoil it, but they’re like nothing you’ve ever seen before and all the more scary for it.

Funny, scary and a brilliant first time main feature film for Joe Cornish. It’s deffo my favourite film of the year so far (sorry Richard Ayoade – but you’re still a close second). Bring on Tintin and Ant-Man Cornish (and Wright).


~ by square-eyed-geek on May 18, 2011.

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