The Town – It’s Charlestown dontcha know…

Ben Affleck is normally a name that I do not associate with a film of quality (I haven’t seen Good Will Hunting yet, but I’m pretty sure The Damon acts him off the screen). But I’d heard good things about The Town and thought I’d give it a go…And I’m really glad I did.

The film is set in Charlestown in Boston which is apparently the one place in America in which the most bank robberies and armoured car heists happen each year. The film follows one particular gang who kidnap a bank manager during one robbery, and have to keep tabs on her to make sure she doesn’t know anything she shouldn’t. Except the guy who follows her, Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck), gets a little bit too close to her. And wouldn’t ya bloody know it – they start to fall in love.

The whole romance thing is kept on the downlow though. Instead of focusing on this completely (which would have made it shite) it mixes elements of tense drama and brilliant action scenes – the numerous robberies by the gang are gripping, incredibly kinetic and really well thought out.

Ben Affleck is good as the main guy, Doug (never thought I’d say that) as is Rebecca Hall as the girl he’s following.  Blake Lively is great as Doug’s junky ex – I’ve not seen her in Gossip Girl but I’m pretty sure that she’s entirely different to how she looks and acts here. And of course Jon Hamm is aces as the FBI guy running after the gang (how could he not be? – He’s motherfucking Don Draper).

The one main standout actor though is deffo Jeremy Renner as the ‘loose cannon’ in the gang, Jem (although I might be a little biased as he’s the main reason I wanted to see The Town in the first place). He entirely deserves the Best Supporting Actor Oscar he was nominated for this year. He should have got it too in my opinion – screw you Bale (again probs biased but SO WHAT?).

Anyway…one of the only problems I found with the film was with Rebecca Hall’s character: she’s just a little tooooo perfect – she works with kids voluntarily, she has her own community allotment, she’s entirely unselfish, etc. etc. I get that she’s meant to be a complete opposite to the other characters who live in Charlestown (coz she’s from New York), but she’s just a little too unbelievable at times…

Other than that though The Town, even though its way over the 2 hour mark, will have you completely hooked throughout. A brill heist thriller. And by Ben Affleck too – who’d have thunk it? (although if I’d already seen Gone Baby Gone I probably wouldn’t be surprised as I am with this…sorry Ben).


~ by square-eyed-geek on May 17, 2011.

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