Rubber – Tyreific

Yep this is the film you’ve heard about – the one with the killer tyre.

It’s by Quentin Dupieux or DJ Oizo as he’s better known. He created the soundtrack as well along with Gaspard Auge (from Justice don’t ya know). If these snippets of info are perking up your interest, then you’ll know that you’ll like Rubber. If not, then its probs not for you. It’s deffo a kind of love it or hate it film and I have to admit – I loved it.

It’s completely ridiculous and therefore hilarious straight away from the opening scene (in which we watch an extended take of a cop car strategically knocking down chairs in the middle of a desert before the car stops and a cop gets out of the trunk to speak to us…Yes it’s that mad. And it gets a lot madder).

Not only that but it’s a film about filmmaking – meta to the max. Lots of talking to the screen and the cast talking about whats going on in the film and being aware that it is a film as its happening…confusing but sooo funny. Not that you should think too much about the plot or why anything is actually happening – to do that is to miss the point entirely (or entyrely. LOL), that there is no point.

But back to that tyre: the scene in which the tyre first comes to life is genuinely gripping – you can practically hear what the tyre is thinking as it takes its first steps (roll?) and when it takes its first victim. It’s quite strange to be rooting for a tyre, but you can actually feel yourself cheering it on as it goes on a kill spree…and I never thought I’d say that in a sentence.

One of the most obvious flaws is definitely that it should have been a lot shorter – a quick 40 minute film or something. But other than that it’s pure genius with an excellent soundtrack (of course). It also has one the funniest closing lines ever…I’m not going to tell you though. You’ll just have to suspend your disbelief and watch it. So ha.


~ by square-eyed-geek on May 12, 2011.

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