Buried – definitely not for claustros

Yep, the film were Ryan Reynolds wakes up in a coffin and has to try to escape with only a phone and a knife to help him. You wonder at first how it’s going to work for the full running time without getting incredibly monotonous and boring (or if it will cheat and actually leave the confines of the box – hello Phone Booth). But somehow, director Rodrigo Cortés manages to keep it entirely gripping and also very, very convincing (especially with the use of light – just a flicker of a lighter here and a glow from a mobile phone there…and that’s it).

One of the main reasons it is so convincing is mostly due to Ryan Reynolds: be prepared to have all thoughts of Van Wilder and Just Friends and numerous other crap completely blown away – who knew he could actually really ACT?! You feel for him throughout the entire thing and feel as though you’re going the emotions he’s going through – like you’re right there with him, which you technically are (and the whole running out of air thing isn’t good for an asthmatic like me to watch…urgh).

Apart from one scene which seems to be a bit of a device to keep things moving (and also why no ants or creepy crawlies coming into the coffin through the cracks? Too close to the plot elements in Tarantino’s episode of CSI?) Buried is an excellently gripping, dramatic horror film. Towards the end I actually felt as though I needed to throw up. I had to watch something comedic after it to take the edge off. I’m not even claustrophobic as well.

Watch it, be blown away and try not to have nightmares…


~ by square-eyed-geek on May 11, 2011.

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