Sucker Punch – sucksssssss

Let me just apologise first for that very, very obvious pun…

Sucker Punch was one of the films that since I heard about it about a year ago or so, I was genuinely excited about – Alice in Wonderland with guns? Hells yeah. But without a doubt, it is one of the worst films this year. Not especially bad but just very, very disappointing.

The action scenes are good – feisty and mad and interesting, especially a fight scene that takes place in a bunker. The fights break out at points in the film when the main character, Baby Doll (Emily Browning), begins to dance in the second dream level – the first level is the actual reality in the mental asylum her stepfather has put her in, the second level is a dream level that is a sort of dance brothel place, and the third is where the fights take place when the girls need to get one of the 5 items they need to escape. Keeping up so far?…

Ah, yes the fights – very pretty yes. But my God – EVERYTIME they need one of the items??? I got bored after the first one. Which is weird, coz these sorts of things are usually my cup of tea. But I was actually so bored I was counting the ceiling tiles and just praying for something to happen other than ANOTHER BLOODY FIGHT.

One of the few positive things to mention at this point about the film though is the soundtrack – covers of tracks by Annie Lennox , The Pixies, The Smiths, etc. And genuinely spine tingling at certain moments when used in the action sequences.

However, one of the things that doesn’t help the film is the characterisation of the girls – very thinly written and pretty much stereotypes just there to kick arse. Also the skimpy outfits the girls wear doesn’t really help things for Zack Snyder. It’s just too creepy – especially for Emily Browning: the last time I saw her in a film was Lemony Snicket when she was Violet Baudelaire. And it’s just too weird. The fetishisation is bizarre – Laura Mulvey would have a field day.

Also one thing I noticed about the film is that there is no inclusion of the dance scenes that are glimpsed at in the trailer (which I have watched a LOT of times) – it’s as if someone told Snyder that the whole thing was a bit too fetishistic (and essentially sexist) already so he cut these scenes out.  I COULD BE WRONG, BUT STILL. Also I get the feeling that Snyder meant for the film to be a lot more A: gory and B: sweary. Which would have probably made it a lot more interesting and fun.

The first 5 minutes of the film is actually amazing as well – a slow mo set-up of  Baby Doll’s back story set to ‘Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This’. But as soon as we dive into the alternate reality in the brothel it falls apart – I get the feeling that I would have enjoyed the film a lot more if Snyder had ignored the whole dream idea and just focus on the actual reality. And maybe given them some longer skirts or something too…


~ by square-eyed-geek on May 10, 2011.

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