Submarine – there’s nothing fishy about it

I had been excited for a long time about Submarine. Even though it’s Richard Ayoade’s first film, I knew that whatever he was going to come up with was going to be good. And I was right – except in a way I think it was actually even better than I expected (and how often can you say that about any film, let alone a British one?).

Not only is the coming of age story brilliantly written and one which pretty much everyone who’s human can relate to (first love and all that), but it’s superbly acted, touching, genuinely heartwarming and when it’s funny, it’s really funny. I think I’ve used a bit too much hyperbole there, but I don’t care…

I did hear a girl outside the cinema afterwards say she thought it was going to be funnier, “coz it was the guy from the IT Crowd who directed it” (which I’m sure a lot of people who aren’t used to these sorts of indie comedies will be thinking:  it’s like the sort of comedy film Wes Anderson does – gentle comedy but still very funny in parts). I nearly wanted to hit her though – ok, yeah I get what you’re saying and it’s not exactly Anchorman, but he didn’t write the IT Crowd ya frigging idiot!

But anyway, less of the anger…another thing worth mentioning is Craig Roberts who plays Oliver Tate in the title role and who is really great – he comes across as a mix of sweetness and incredible selfishness. But these flaws make him seem all the more human and have you rooting for him anyway. And he does the best and cutest vacant expression ever.

Yasmin Page is also excellent as Jordana, the mixed up pyromaniac girl whose the love of Oliver’s life. And of course Sally Hawkins, Noah Taylor and Paddy Considine are also brilliant and brilliantly funny as Oliver’s parents and the weirdo next door respectively – but they’re always amazing so that doesn’t really come as a surprise.

The soundtrack by Alex Turner from The Arctic Monkeys is something else that makes this film so great – beautiful and haunting and really adding something to the already beautiful shots throughout the film. Just check this loveliness out…

All in all Ayoade’s first film is absolutely perfect and is one of those films that reminds me just why films are so great and makes me wish I could hopefully make something as amazing as this one day.

And look at that – a film review with no humour in, just praise. See I can do it!


~ by square-eyed-geek on May 10, 2011.

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