Glory Daze

Now that I’ve started talking about TV shows let’s carry on and talk about one that’s actually pretty good: Glory Daze.

At first it seemed to be a TV version of American Pie set on Campus in a University, or a TV version of Old School but with younger people and set in the 80s – at least that’s what I gathered from the adverts. So I wasn’t expecting much apart from the odd penis joke. But I was surprised by how funny it actually is and how much it’s NOT like this AT ALL (in fact there’s no swearing or anything in it…weird).

There are occasionally a few era based jokes unfortunately though – “they’re talking about this new thing called e-mails which they think will never catch on! LOLZ!” LAZY JOKES (pretty much all the jokes in The Wedding Singer and probably like the jokes in Hot Tub Time Machine – except I can’t rent it coz LoveFilm don’t stock it for some reason and I’m not buying it for what I know will be a few mediocre laughs at best). Anyway I digress…(these jokes seemed to calm down as well after a while too: no mention of VCRs, Betamax and computers yet…although a couple of weeks ago they talked about the amount of blades in razors and how there’s now three blades and when will it end? LOLZ).

The whole 80s thing is actually weird – you hardly notice it apart from the soundtrack (which is ACES) or when you notice someone’s clothes – although again this isn’t that obvious seeing as how lots of styles from around then have come back into fashion (although who let ruffles back in?). So I’m not entirely sure why it has been set in the 80s: a gimmick to make it seem new? (as there has previously been a TV show EXACTLY LIKE THIS called Undeclared which was created by Judd Apatow and had Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel and Jason Segel in it. Hmm – suspicious?).

The one reason it works though, as with any good TV show, is when you start to get to know the characters and care about what happens to them. The four main guys who are new to the fraternity are good, the standout funny one being Eli (played by Matt Bush who was Frigo in Adventureland if you were wondering).

However the three very, very funniest characters for me are definitely: Mike Reno played by Callard Harris (and who hasn’t been in many other things, but like me I’m sure you’re hoping that he will be in the future…YUM – him on the far right if you’re wondering), the teacher Professor Haines (played by Tim Meadows and who was the headteacher in Mean Girls and who is so droll it hurts) and the AMAZING 32 year old stoner guy who still lives in the frat house called Stankowski (played by Chris D’Elia and who will literally have you dying with laughter every time he’s onscreen). And yes – I’m that obsessed with this show now that I didn’t have to IMDB any of that info or anything…I LOVE IT THAT MUCH.

Unfortunately though, there are now only two episodes left of Glory Daze. And guess what? – there isn’t going to be another series. Thanks. Let’s file that away with Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, Firefly and all the others I loved. I know it wasn’t exactly a groundbreaking show and it’s been done before…but could you not have given it a chance? Tried something (sort of) new for a change? No? Oh, ok – guess I’ll just have to enjoy it while I still can. Rant over.


~ by square-eyed-geek on April 28, 2011.

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