The Bournes

Continuing on my Damon spree I decided to finally watch all of the Bourne films – seeing as how they were on ITV again (and when are they not?). Not sure why I’ve never seen them before. As you can tell by now, I loves me some Damon. And now I really loves me some Damon when he’s kicking seven shades out of bad guys…and running…a lot (sorry).

You can probably tell by now as well that I obviously loved the Bourne films too. I like that they’re more complicated than normal action films (the plots quite hard to follow and it doesn’t help that David Strathairn has quite a boring, monotone voice – maybe I’m just a bit thick though).

The action all seemed really well thought out too – Damon poking a pen in someones hand? Yeah. Beating someone with a book AND a rolled up magazine? Go on then.

Right now I’m looking around my room and thinking of how I can use objects here as weapons in case I’m suddenly attacked by an evil Russian – or Clive Owen. TV aerial wire? No problem. Straighteners? Double weapon – although it would take a while for them to heat up so I could burn bad guys noses. I’ve got some pretty heavy books here too.

Anyway…I’m straying from the point. Bourne is a really great trilogy of films and I’m still not sure why I’ve never watched them. Oh and don’t do what Bourne does – leave the brutal violence to him. You’re not being chased down by evil assassins. Unless you are. In which case I’ll lend you my straighteners. Just leave the lovely running to the Damon…


~ by square-eyed-geek on April 22, 2011.

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