The Adjustment Bureau – Matt Damon runs…A LOT. In a hat too.

Matt Damon is the sole reason I actually wanted to go see this film – he’s great in EVERYTHING he’s ever been in, even Eurotrip. Emily Blunt was another reason I wanted to see it – also excellent in everything (I’ve not seen Wild Target yet though – and I don’t ever want to see it thank you very much – although I’m sure she’s tops in it anyway).

So: all in all it’s a good film. Good action scenes, good drama, quite sad. You do have to suspend your disbelief a little though (Roger Sterling from Mad Men moving stuff with his mind and strolling around as sauve as in a trilby with the guy from The Hurt Locker?).

And lets face it – if Damon and Blunt weren’t in it, it would be crap. Their relationship definitely holds the whole thing together. Also throw in an ending that looks like its going nowhere, and for the most part does (pretty sure the end has been changed by the studio from something else into the ending that’s in the film – both me and my friend thought it was going to end a completely different way, and then it didn’t. Check it out for yourself and tell me I’m not wrong – suspicious, no?) and…I’m actually making it sound a lot worse than it is now.

It’s a good Friday night film – a nice little distraction. And you get to see Damon run around…a lot. Who doesn’t want to see that?


~ by square-eyed-geek on April 14, 2011.

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