Paranormal Activity 2 – bump…Bump…BUMP…Oh well

Paranormal Activity is one of the best horror films released in the last few years. It was genuinely scary – mostly because it’s an unseen scary monster (or whatever it is) and not some CGI bollocks chasing after the lead couple. And although it hangs around a silly premise (‘real’ life found footage…oooo!) whose not impressed by it? – it was made on barely any budget by director Oren Peli and he even filmed it in his own house – good on ya mate.

I watched Paranormal Activity 2 a couple of weeks ago though and it did the one main thing I hate sequels to do – it did pretty much EVERYTHING the same from the first film. (This is one of the reasons I actually HATE Toy Story 2 – sorry to admit it but its true). A couple of thuds here and there at the start. Objects falling without being touched. They even had a bloody ouija board scene again. Some scenes are pretty much identical to the first film (I won’t spoil it by saying which ones ‘cause I’m not that type of person – but when you see them, you’ll know exactly what I mean).

The guy playing the Dad isn’t particularly convincing either which kind of takes away from the effect of the whole thing (especially in the extended cut – in some scenes he seems to be trying to outdo himself each time on how loud he can shout). The girl playing the daughter is really, REALLY convincing though. Thankfully so too, as she kind of pulls you back into the film and makes you actually care about what is going to happen to them.

In a way it feels like another common thing that sequels do – a bridge to go from the first film all the way through to the inevitable third film. However, the way the sequel ends could make it potentially exciting if there is a third film (which there inevitably will be). And PLEASE – make it a bit different this time?


~ by square-eyed-geek on April 10, 2011.

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