Erm, yeah…so the Oscars…

I know it’s been nearly two months since the Oscars happened, but I forgot I had written a little something about it after the night in question…Also I watched The Social Network again last night so I feel as though I have to write about it and that makes it relevant, ok? And I stayed awake until 5am to watch the ceremony on the night so this will make up for the loss of sleep…

Although I almost feel as if I shouldn’t have bothered with it at all. What a let down. Poor David Fincher robbed again. Bah to you Tom Hooper. Ok, so I admit that I still haven’t seen the Kings Speech and time and time again people have told me that it is better and should have won over Social Network. But come on – when people heard there was going to be a film made about Facebook made by David Fincher pretty much EVERYONE doubted it.

It could have been really boring seeing as how it was about computer geeks programming and geeks talking about lawsuits. But it wasn’t boring – ok, maybe mostly coz of Aaron Sorkin’s script (I love the fact that the dialogue is so fast and snappy that even though I have watched it 3 times now, I’m still only just catching some little gems of dialogue I missed before) and I suppose he did win an Oscar for that. But still, filmically it’s so fascinating and Fincher makes it work so well. I actually wanted it to be longer, especially since the dispute is still ongoing (a couple of months ago the Winklevoss twins decided to risk the settlement of 65 million dollars to try and get even more money)…But oh well KING’S SPEECH I GUESS. I will eventually see it – but I’m pretty sure I’ll watch in bitterness (and good job I didn’t put that bet on for Social Network to win as well).

All in all I remember it being a bit of a boring ceremony anyway – I don’t really know what I was expecting (Christian Bale to go all mental and start yelling stuff and pulling at his beard? Natalie Portman to give birth right then and there?) but nothing really HAPPENED. Apart from the fact that we all learnt that Kirk Douglas is still alive…WOW.

Ok, rant over….and from now on I will try and place more up-to-date things…honest.


~ by square-eyed-geek on April 10, 2011.

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